-PM (Patrick Mulligan?)

April 24, 2013

So here is my encomium to Sam & to the Village Church :

What a special church the Village Church NYC was !

Whatever Jesus & Sam get Sam doing next, we will be so blessed to have the Andreadeses in whatever new endeavors they choose.

Let us be honoring & lifting up Sam & his family in our thoughts, & in our words, & in our prayers. Let us be serving them.

Sam’s sermons were some of the best i ever heard. Sam set his church to be a place of healing. Healing is too rare a thing for people.

A world without Sam & his church is a world with less Jesus, uggh uggh uggh uggh uggh. Sam has intelligent ways & skills that are totally special.

TVC’s closing is a painful loss for so many of us.

But Jesus is in charge.

We love & thank the Andreadeses, also all around them who made TVC such a great glorification of Jesus The Christ, Savior of us & our world. I will carry Sam’s teaching & influence with me in the very best ways, every day.

Thank you.