Christine Back

April 5, 2013

TVC is a place that the Lord lovingly designated for His misfits and wanderers. When I passed through those church doors, knowing it would only be for a brief season, I had no way of knowing how richly I’d be blessed by that time. In no particular order: tambourines and guitars, accordions and harmonious singing of the Sanctus, references to Mad Men in one particular call to worship (to discuss the problem of duplicity), many other thought-provoking calls to worship, extended passings of peace, extraordinary and enduring friendships, Maundy Thursday footwashing at a ballet studio, incisive and rigorous teaching, Wed morning prayer, musicians and artists, Sam’s own translation from French to English of O Holy Night, many many seeds being planted, and the softening of soil for seeds to be planted by others too. A secret and fruitful garden by the Master Gardener.