Kevin Hartnett

September 21, 2013

Unerring sweep the plans of God—
Like winds of vague descent.
With stormy blast and gentle breeze
He serves His continent.
Divinely scaled intentions lie
Beyond the scope of men—
As falling timbers free into
The wind their seeds again.

I’m saddened to learn that this particular witness for Christ in Manhattan is now dispersed. Saddened because the life and impact of this vibrant tree can no longer be visited and enjoyed. Its trunk of gospel-centered truth brought strength and stability to many lives and its always-outward-reaching branches brought covering, sustenance, and rest to many more. I, like many, have been profoundly influenced by the faith, love, and untiring service of Sam and Mary Kay. The deep roots they have in the Lord reach, touch, and inspire us though we now be many states away from NYC. May the memory and effect of this God-planted work be as the Wye Oak in Maryland (shade to the slaves) or the Terebinth tree at Bethel (where idols were buried and an altar to the Lord was established). May too the evangelistic, Kingdom focus of the hearts for Christ who gathered in the Village for this season be carried by the wind of the Spirit to the furthest corners of the globe.