Renee Browne

April 6, 2013

I am not sure how to begin to communicate the meaning of The Village Church in my life!

It is here where I attended church at the beginning of college, experienced healing after September 11th, watched inspired dancers, actors, poets, and performers during offertory, ate pancakes and prayed with women in morning Bible study, sang in the worship band, and met the man who I would someday be married to by Pastor Sam. It is here that I have attended church for the past ten years, built amazing friendships, and learned more deeply about God’s incredible grace and love for us all. This has been my HOME in NYC and has made me who I am today through my experience of the gospel in sermons, worship, and community.

Praise God for the gift and witness of The Village Church! Thank you Sam, Mary K, and the entire Andreades family for your dedication to this unique church family. TVC family, I love you all so much!