Hallie Greider

May 24, 2013

I am the wife of one of the founding members of The Village Church, Scott Greider, and spent many years experiencing the wonder of this place and these people. Although I am not a Christian, I came to worship services weekly with my husband and children and over time was able to find a place for myself in this church. There were other families, women and men who helped support, encourage and guide me in so many important and life-changing ways. I never felt like anyone’s “non-Christian project” or an outsider but rather was included and welcomed for who I was.

I recently attended a memorial service for a dear friend who was also a member of TVC during our time there. It had been years since I had seen many of those who attended the memorial. But as we gathered to remember him it was a deeply emotional experience for me, and dare I say, for us all. From a group of individuals and couples and families who attended during our TVC years, a family had clearly been created. Reuniting with so many of those people was an experience like nothing I have ever had or will ever have again. We all knew there was a unique and special connection between us and it was a moment where time seemed to briefly stand still and allow us to soak those feelings in and absorb the beauty that was this group – both individually and collectively. We had time to connect once more, acknowledge and appreciate the gift we have been given and just as the current Village Church members have done, to scatter once again, take with us our forever-changed selves and move out into the world to encourage and love others.