Sarah Walker 2003

April 7, 2013

The Village Church has meant so much to me over the last 10 years we have attended. I can remember like yesterday, stepping into a worship service at the SDA church building in 2003. It was full of authentic, passionate people who longed to know Christ and grappled with real life issues in the preaching, home groups and discipleship relationships. During that first trip to visit a friend at the church, we immediately knew we were home. It took a few weeks for us to commit to commuting from the burbs, but I’m so glad we decided to try it. We were drawn closer and into urban living soon after.

The Village Church has been my family for 10 years. Those friendships, sermons, worship services, and time in fellowship have changed my life and the lives of my husband and children. We have baptized all 3 of our children here and watched them grow. I can tell you things from sermons years and years ago that still come to mind and affect my decisions. The friendships we have been blessed with are numerous and deep.
I can’t fully express what a grief it is to see God close the doors because I am still processing it. I don’t know what he has for us in the near future, but I know it is good. We will never find another church family like the Village Church, but having known it and lost it is better than having never known it at all.

Thank you all, dear friends, for how you have loved and taught me to love. Thank you especially to Sam and Marike for steadfast leadership and exemplary lives.