Farhi -Location/Pastor History

April 11, 2013

Here’s a little of the location history:

The Village Church started worshiping together in the Fall of 1994 by taking over the Redeemer 4:00 PM service and staying at Hunter College. In January 1995 it launched its first service outside of Redeemer at P.S. 41 and stayed there until April 1999 when the NYC school board started cracking down on churches renting school space. April – June 1999 at Grace Church School. July 1999 – April 2000 St. George’s Episcopal Church. April – November 2000 Our Lady of Pompeii Recreation Hall. December 2000 – ? Seventh Day Adventist Church. (Scott/Ken, you can pick up the rest from here).


Scot Sherman Jan 1995 – December 1998.

Clyde Godwin March 2000 – Feb 2002

Sam Andreades November 2002 – April 2013