Wynn Everett Albanese 4.30.17

May 1, 2017

This brought so much joy to us – to read comments and hear how everyone is doing. I have so many memories of the Village Church but my favorite would be my second week in NYC from Georgia. My roommate and I at the time found our way down to The Village Church when it was meeting in the basement of Our Lady of Pompeii on Bleeker. There were no seats except for two in the front and I sat next to this handsome guy. When Clyde told us to greet the person next to us, he and I began talking and connecting the dots that we were both from Georgia and a mutual friend of mine had told me to meet Michael Albanese when I got to NYC (side note: the way Michael tells the story is that I was basically playing the banjo and gnawing on hay, I was so country and out of my element in NYC). And yet, we’ve been together 16 years now and all because of that morning at TVC. And now with two daughters that are the loves of our lives. Michael and I have SO MANY memories from TVC – from friends over at our apartment, to being at Sam’s apartment – I still remember the portrait of Mary Kay on the horse and Sam in Renaissance attire – I must have stood in front of that picture for 20 minutes in awe of these two free spirits. All the sermons that meant so much to us, the music, the amazing artists and people that came through those doors. Thank you to everyone for playing such important roles in our lives, our early marriage, our dreams in NYC. The Village Church will always mean the world to us and we thank God upon every remembrance of it.