Darin Pesnell

November 27, 2013

The Village Church was an incredibly special place and served as one of the most formative influences in my life. It was at TVC that I began to see how much God love the city, with all of its unusual creatures, vibrancy, and creativity. It was at TVC that I learned you could speak intelligently, graciously, and biblically -all at the same time. It was at TVC that I learned more of the importance of friendships, christian community, and support for one another as we (attempt) to walk through this life.

I deeply thank God for the high privilege to know so many wonderful people through our time at TVC. From Sam’s funny jokes (one of my favorites: introducing baptism as the only time of the year the church endorses cross-dressing), for Alan’s brilliance leading the liturgy, for Sarah and David’s musical excellence, for interning with Jeremy Tate and John Pa and Josh Clayton, for Enoch’s energy, for Karen Lacy’s passion for people and prayer, for Yan’s afternoon outings, for our home group, for Ken and David’s leadership and faithfulness in the latter years, for working with Rebecca on children’s ministry, and for all of the rest of you…I thank God.

Sam, and Mary K, you have enriched our lives beyond words. From your always interesting, creative, and faithful exposition of Scripture, to your helpful counsel and love for our family, and so much more…you have shaped us. One of my desires as a minister is that I will have the same impact on others that you have had on me.

We love you all.

The Pesnells