Adam Browne-2000

March 18, 2013

It’s so moving to read this thread and see the impact that Christ has had through TVC over the years. As one “going down with the ship” (or “carried up in the chariot”?) it hasn’t always been easy to see the wider perspective, as I’ve often been distracted by the week-to-week challenges. So thanks to all who are writing and reminding me of what God has done and will continue to do.

There’s no question that TVC has meant a lot to me. In 2000, it was one of the very first churches that I visited after moving to NY for college. I was drawn in by the energy and creativity in the community of TVC, and completely hooked by the music. David Sacks was kind enough to let me work on my accordion skills with the band. Over the next few years, through the teaching of both Clyde and Sam, I began to really learn what it meant to be a Christian living in NYC, how to have affectionate restraint toward this Corinth or Babylon I’m living in. In 2006, because of an offertory at TVC, my eyes were opened to the woman who would become my wife: Renée. Sam and Mary Kay’s council and example have been critical to us in our marriage. And through several years of Sarah Lentz-Dickinson’s music leadership, I learned (am still learning) how to lead a congregation in worship through song.

While the reality of it coming to an end hasn’t really sunk into my heart yet, I know that I will miss TVC dearly, and I know that there will never be another church quite like TVC. But (as others have said on this thread) I pray that we all take what God has taught us here in Greenwich Village and use it to build God’s Kingdom wherever He may take us.