Sarah Dickinson

April 7, 2013

I just heard about all these lovely comments and had to put in my little share! So great to see all of your names from the many different chapters and years of TVC. George, I love your description of the coral reef! Yes it was like that for sure in this crazy city. And as the years rolled on, I remember telling Sam “TVC is like a trampoline!” as it had become a center for people visiting for a time, long or short, and then God sending them out for other adventures, rested and well-equipped to jump to what was next for them. As as the years continued on further, in my mind I kept hearing “tapestry”, I keep seeing and hearing from dear TVCers now all over the world, spreading their love and service and heart for the Lord all over this earth. And when an old dear member is in need, as when our dear Kappelmeister David Sacks became very ill, we all immediately saw that tapestry wrap itself around him in love, deeds and prayer. What an amazing thing God has done through this special church! We have all been deeply shaped and stretched by the leaders, by our friends and homegroups and by the many different circumstances (all those moves!) that God had us pass through on this TVC journey. Sam and MaryKay, your heart and steadfast love of Jesus, family and the Village Church will be a model for me and my family for the rest of our lives. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice, for your time and talents, for all of your counsel and teaching, I could go on and on and on! And to Karen Lacy, who has been there since day 1 until the final day, the utmost model on earth of selflessness and service and loving of your neighbor, you are a pillar of TVC and will always be synonymous with that place, and the face that I see in my mind whenever I think of a true servant of the Lord.
I came to TVC reluctantly, only at the persistence of some dude named David Sacks who needed a piano player in his church band. David knew, what I didn’t yet, that I desperately needed a church community. And I had no idea, that at this new place, I would fall deeply in love with Jesus, engage with and love vastly different members of God’s great kingdom, and that I would discover how much I loved playing music in the church, even more than I did in the clubs around town! And then what I never imagined, God loves doing that!, became the music director after David and his family moved on. And, it will always be, my most important and favorite job I ever had! (my heart and thanks go out to all the dear ones that played in the bands over the years!) I was beyond surprised at how my story unfolded there. I left my former self in so many ways. And, I met and married a cute, Christian visual artist (when I was convinced I would never ever marry or have children). Our lives were connected and formed and forever effected by what God did for us at TVC. Now with our two sons, we have learned how to teach and raise them from watching all the families that have come before us. We often and will always tell them of the days of the Village Church, the coral reef, the trampoline, and the tapestry, and the amazing souls that are now spread throughout this earth and the Kingdom. Amen!