Brent Dickinson 1999

April 7, 2013

I moved to NYC in 1999 and TVC immediately from day #1 lived up to its already tremendous reputation. There were such a colorful and strange collection of characters that, to a young recent art school graduate with plenty of trepidation and anxiety over such a move to such a city, TVC was more than I had been willing to pray and hope for. TVC has been a many faceted church throughout its many years, but the visual art community that was there from the beginning and had such a presence with representation among all of the strata of the place- from casual attendees all the way to the Session. Even the most ‘arts friendly’ churches might have many actors and musicians, but the depth and breadth of the visual arts community in attendance was really like no other place anywhere!

God has blessed me tremendously through the many chapters that I experienced of The Village Church (13 years for me in total!). Through the pastors that served us through the ministry of the Word, through the cycle of Elders who served as leaders and models of Christ’s goodness and wisdom, through the Kapellmeisters who impacted my life (ok, one kapellmeister perhaps produced more impact than the rest!), through the Deaconate, I mean Mercy Ministry, leaders (Karen Lacy, Jeremy Tate, Joshua Clayton and others) and all of the many folks past and present who were and still are and always will be The Village Church. Thank you to everyone!