**Clyde Godwin (2000-2002)

May 19, 2013

It will be one of the great thrills and privileges of my life to be a Pastor at TVC. There were two things I said I would never do. Be a Pastor in NYC and if I was a missionary, put my children in boarding school. Well… I moved to Park Slope and put my daughters at The Stony Brook School on Long Island. Valerie and I are so thankful we moved to NYC. We reconnected with her sister who was an artist. Gretchen was an artist and would later die from cancer. She attended TVC and through Mako heard the gospel clearly before she died. The people at TVC were amazing. We fell in love with City. We now understand why folks do not want to live anywhere else. We were there through 9.11. Wow. We saw the power and presence of the Kingdom of God. There are so many great stories to tell of God’s faithfulness and mercy through TVC. If I had a do over, I wished we had stayed. Through TVC I experienced what Brennan Manning calls the furious longing of God. Boom, Baby! The Spirit and the Bride say, COME!