Chris G. on personalities

March 17, 2013

Alan – your timeline is pretty accurate, though you forgot a few important details around pastors:

Between Scot and Clyde – Tom Cannon and Drew Fields (Drew was our official interim pastor)
Between Clyde and Sam – Tony Hinchliff

These men were critical to the Village Church remaining vibrant and growing while we searched for a new pastor.

As for bands, unique individuals, etc., you are right in that there were too many people who passed through our doors – the guy who played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar and who can forget that concert at THe Seventh Day Adventist Church when Clyde invited Buddy Greene and Ashley Cleveland to come and play. I remember walking into the sanctuary during the rehearsal and hearing Ashley Cleveland playing the Rolling Stones “Gimme Shelter” and thought only at the Village Church!

Some of my fondest memories were the times serving with the original team of ruling Elders – Chris Giammona, Alan Farhi, Ken Hui, Tony Rose, Mako Fujimura, Jonathan Gilley, and Tom Whitford (though Jonathan and Tom did were not with us during the non-pastor years).